Drifter- Promethean golem of Ferrum Refinement.
Virtue- fortitude
Vice- wrath


I am tall, and broad. I have tan skin and dark hair. What else do you want to know, little else is remarkable about me other than my size. Oh, my background, I believe protocol for that, is that you buy me at least one drink first friend. Ah you are willing huh, you have confidence it is that good of a story huh? Well then guess I’ll have a whiskey, Dalton has good whiskey. Well let me get my thoughts together as we wait for my liquid courage. I like this story little, but I said I’d tell it, and since I did, I will.
My story begins different than most. It seems like it was so long ago, but it was less than 5 months. The first memory I have is digging myself out of a hole. And when I made it out I heard a loud mean cackling. Standing at the edge of the hole was a tall thin man, with oily black hair. At the time I couldn’t talk, and had trouble moving, I was in pain everywhere. The sun hurt my eyes so I scrambled into the nearby woods. The cackling man brought me a raw cow leg to eat. As if I was some sort of animal. I learned that I was actually something much worse. The mans name was Weston and he was an evil son of a bitch, had been kicked out of the military in fact for doing things considered too evil by men who’s job is to kill. He was all I knew though, so I stayed with him for a month and a half. He made me do all of the household work, then he would beat me for hous with a bullwhip, then he would tear my strength. I was to be the first of a new type if soldier. But I am an abomination, and I couldn’t let him make more of me. So one day, after he made me dig a hole, which he planned on using to make his second soldier, when he brought out that whip, I caught it. Then I grabbed Weston by the neck, and wrapped the damned thing around his damned neck. I pulled it tight, until his face got purple, then I kept pulling, that must have been some strong leather, because his neck gave first, I pulled on the whip until his head plopped clean off of his shoulders. I threw the body in the hole and left that place of misery. I made my way south, I ha learned enough language to make my way, even if I got some odd looks. How’d I do it you ask? Walked a lot, hopped a few trains, ate lots of trash. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Made it all the way here, where I met Dalton. Man is a damn saint, put me up as fed me, taught me how to act normal. Good man Dalton. Fuck with him and I’ll have to break your fucking neck and I don’t want to have to do that.


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